Who should play Lex Luthor?

26 Jun


Draft- don’t worry guys, I’ll come back to this.

Bruce Willis. Now to write on who should play Wonder Woman… okay I’ll finish the article.

Who is Lex Luthor?
Grew up poor, Became wealthy

I’ll give the pros and cons on my thesis Ben Franklin style!

Con- He’s too old mate, he’s 58.
Tell that to Samuel Jackson, who is 64, and is playing in the Avengers.

Like Ronald Regan he will not exploit the other potential casting actor’s youth and inexperience.

Pro- He’s believable.

Pro- He can bring humor to the dark franchise. What I really liked about the Joker (Dark Knight) is that he brought a lighthearteness to the table. Like you just want to watch him with your family… then he sticks a simple pencil on the table toe.

Pro- He can be very serious.

Pro- He’s experienced in action. If you want someone to go to toe with the Last Son of Krypton, the last thing you want to think at the back of your head is… this guy doesn’t belong to the crowd.

Pro- He’s bald and looks like he is Lex Luthor!

Contender 2 BILLY ZANE

I did not consider him before, but when someone pointed it out my mind was blown more than Bruce willis.



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