Does the Last of Us really rip off Ellen Page?

24 Jun

Back story. Ellen Page doesn’t “appreciate” her likeness being used on The Last of Us main character. Tells Reddit. Video gamers battle off and yelling insults to Ellen (Juno, Inception, Xmen, videogame Beyond Two souls). Because for starters The Last of Us is an incredibly popular game.To be fair, what she didn’t say was “Naughty Dog stole my identity. Release the Lawyers! They are the scum of the Earth.”  Now near at the start they looked identical. This is an early picture of the game.  In my opinion, I thought THAT WAS ELLEN PAGE. Which why I felt compelled to make this.




As time progress, the design changed. There’s hardly any resemblance. 


There’s no doubt, and no matter how good your game is and despite saying “any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental” is merely a line to say in order to evade legal repercussions. I’ll let you in on another secret. When you make a call to a business and they say “this call maybe recorded for quality assurance purposes.” They are recording your conversation as evidence in case of a law suit. Yet, to be fair, with so many faces out their, some really are coincidental. An episode of the SImpsons illustrates this point when Homer discovers a foreign creation called, “Mr. Sparkle.”


As for milking off of an established brand, here’s a coincidental cereal called “Frosted Fakes”. I mean “Frosted Flakes”. This method of promoting a brand has been around for a long time.



A new 21st century problem. Even though there’s no real beef between Ellen Page and Naughty Dog, this is just a glimpse into the future consequences of technology.

If designers were to use someone’s face, body, and similar voice, then they could avoid paying the actors their due. Because they are basically parasites sucking the essence off of a host. Before this wasn’t an issue with games because they weren’t as advanced.  I predict that this will be more of a problem for game in 4-5 years time when the animating process gets to be even more easily. And with virtual reality games finally taking their stride, you will see companies emulating People’s body and using them for dark sensual elements. 

Would you like it if at your school, college, or work someone photo-shopped your 17 year old sister’s face onto a nude model? And then make money for selling them to other people? This is the idea here that’s at risk for actors whose lives are based on their essence, acting skills, and faces. 


While for many people it will seem exciting for them to have a virtual date with a cgi celebrity in a virtual reality headset, the celebrities may not like the companies selling their image, ESPECIALLY IF THEY DON’T GET PAID. Coincidence? I think not.

It’s illegal to advertise and sell your product as a Nike product with just a swoosh. Even with just the words. So why not a face? Yet, intellectual ownership remains a hot topic with good arguments from both sides.

At the same time. Artists have been selling paintings and making fan art of celebrities for many years. What’s the harm? We will see. Ellen Page might not have appreciated this, but has responded decently. Others will not. Does the Last of Us rip off Ellen Page? Initially, but not anymore.  And we’ll see what happens for future cases. As for people trying to bank off of people’s reputations/ image. I predict they will probably add a small facial feature to differentiate between the two. Even though there’s an obvious connection. This would be in response to a lawsuit. In that case they will be saying “You haven’t seen the Last of Us.”


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