Xboxone had Xbox won or had xbox lost ?

21 May

IGN has recently reported that the stock in Sony has increased after today’s Xbox reveal. Yet after today I can see why.

Fulldisclosure: I’m an Xbox360 player since waiting in line at CostCo over night to pick one up.

In this virtual chess match, Sony has struck first not too long ago. It’s called a preemptive strike. In their pre  E3 conference they focused on video games and the developers. So, not to be outdone Microsoft makes their own pre E3 conference. That’s when this happened.

Okay, I’ll keep this short and sweet. What Xbox did well. Unlike Sony, who didn’t release the full view of the PS4, Microsoft released the new Xboxone’s new console. Found below.Image

And no that is not merely a dvd player. Why would you think that Sam?

They showed some footage of sports games and the new Call of Duty game.There’s extra rumble packs on the triggers now. No required always on. Although this is like taking a shower, it’s nice, but you don’t get brownie points for something that should have done anyways.

There’s going to be a kinect included with the Xboxone.  Illumni room has yet to be shown.There was some mention of the cloud. There is smart glass, but that wasn’t gone over too well. Overall the Xboxone is suffering through an identity crises appearing to be more of a media hub/ tv device rather than a gaming machine.

So, to add some cons. There’s no touchscreen on the controller. It appears bulkier, similar to the real Xbox1’s huge brick controllers ImageImage

There’s no sensor on the controller, or speaker. This counts as a loss because the competition includes this. Xbox will allow used games, but at a small fee. This is a big deal for gamers who want to share and save money on used games. Think of how Gamestop will be effected. There wasn’t much emphasis on games, although we were warned, this is still poor news.


As of now, Xbox has not won me over, and it’s PS for me.

Update: Now I am starting to think otherwise. Reasons are given on another article.


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