Life- the place where efficiency is King

20 May

About 3-4 weeks ago, I saw a video of Patton (Parks and Recreation) give a speech on his fan fiction story for the next Star Wars movie. The enthusiasm in his voice. The authenticity of a non-stop improv fillibuster made me want to animate that story, and to share it with others. So, I took a poll that if I got 50 likes, then I’d make a cartoon version of the story. Well, I got over 200. For the next week, I spent my spare time working on this video. As I realized how hard it actually was to uniquely draw each character, I thought I should just use photos of the characters. But I had to make a cartoon, after all, I had my select followers anticipating a cartoon. So I continued my endeavor. This was my first time drawing such a project, but to make a long story short. It took really REALLY long. And when I finally made it after blood, sweat, and tears I didn’t get the reception I wanted. Today I saw a video from someone who made a version with photoshop photos of the characters. It got into the hundreds of thousands. It may gain a lot more. 

So, now as a reflective person. I must wonder what happened. It comes down to efficiency. Efficiency is not to be confused with sufficient. Sufficient means adequate or just enough. Efficiency most w/ less. Or rather, Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. 

This philosophy is also inline with one of my favorite philosophies, the 80/20 rule. About 20 % of everything you do makes up of about 80% of what really matters in your life. This principle also translates into everything from finances to buffet lines. 20 % of people earn 80% of revenues. 20 % of people inline for a buffet will eat 80 % of the food. 

So, instead of worrying about  the 80 % of things that (by the way, make up 20% of what matters) you focus your energy on the top 20 %. This is also known as priorities. The act of planning and doing the most important things first… and from the top down.

So I can say that at least I’ve gained some animation skills from challenging myself. And that I have some subscribers to entertain. And the experience from persevering from such a  project. And hindsight. And more empathy to directors.

The first place race horse will win by a few inches, if not less. And then win 10X the amount of money. Life is a game of inches.


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