Youtube positivity glitch 0 thumbs down?

2 May

Today was the day that youtube had fixed their no thumbs down glitch, but was it better that way?

ImageWhen it comes to negativity on the internet, there’s no shortage. When it comes to facebook there’s only a like bar. Because of this, people are more willing to post their treasured uploads and more people seem happy.

The argument for the dislike bar is that it shows

However, we know that youtube doesn’t allow anyone to view the actually bar until someone clicks on the video. That would save many people a lot of time if they wanted it.  We remember the  tale of Rebecca Black’s Friday. How she became infamous because of all the people who went on her song and hated it. They swarmed in like the hoards in Gears of Way.

If you have a youtube channel, then you are all too familiar with making a good video, but then someone just comes along, most of the time not saying why, thumbs it down. This feedback is not the best apparatus in sharing ones emotions. And if you recall the early years of youtube, the website had used the star system. This method proved useful in conveying one’s popularity, but then most of the videos became 3 and a half stars. Yet, imagine if all movies had the rating system of either thumbs up or thumbs thumbs down. That would be crazy. Remeber Remember that during the gladiator battles of old, the emperor would provide either a thumbs up or a thumbs down to determine life or death of someone receive receiving the coup de grâce. Now, it’s not that intense online, but to the youtubers who actually provide content it can be close.

In a way it reminded me of the beginning of the school year when everyone had straight As because they didn’t do anything yet. Even the bad kids had a smile on their faces from what I’ve observed, of course they could be devising some nefarious plot.

The problem that people must face now that the dislike bar is back up and running is to make better videos. That and to not feed trolls who dislike everything.


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