16 Mar

GSP, Nate, Johnny, those were the picks of somebody. I just want to talk about some of the things that I am interested in. I like writing. I like art. I like challenging myself physically, I like to be mentally challenged (O.O). That’s not the best way for me to type, but I will rather keep on typing than not type anything at all.

Crossfit. Crossfit is an interesting exercise  I have the impression that it’s gimmicky. That it promotes bad form in order to move the weight. It seems to promote negativity in order to motivate. Why would someone want to do this? Who made up Crossfit? Why is there a rift between bodybuilders and Crossfit people? It’s almost like bodybuilders vs power-lifters  However, the power-lifters have tone bodies. Crossfit says that it emphasizes overall fitness. That seems cool. Who doesn’t want to be overall fit? Well, besides the people who spend there lives on the sofa. Anyways, I respect certain aspects of Crossfit, but the underline tone of the movement seems to be bad for my taste. This is a bit of a rant. I don’t have much to base this on besides some exercises called burpees. I don’t really understand it that well. I don’t like the membership fee of $150 unlimited, but then again I exercise at the garage with home equipment. What I like? I like the team atmosphere. It’s almost like a poor-man’s olympics with olympic movements however butchered they maybe. Another thing that’s interesting to me is the strength level of some of the females. It could be a simple marketing scheme where they get their best women and try to claim that most Crossfit women are that strong. Or maybe not. But seeing a 155 pound person heave 275 pounds overhead is no small feat. The technique and power to do that is something that I have yet to attain. Is there ego? Sure, but ego’s everywhere in sports. In my eye’s it comes down to this. Do something. Anything. We are becoming too dependent upon technology that we must maintain that brain body connection and hunter instinct so that we can have more energy and discipline to kick butt in other areas of our lives.

I’d like to talk about the Ironman later on. Because as long as you pass that finish line within the time limit then you are an incredible athlete. You are an Ironman. The same goes for women.


P.S. I was typing this at midnight and did not get it done by 3/15/13       =/


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