Month 2 day 28

28 Feb

It’s the last day of Feburary, even though it feels like there are still 3 days. I wanted to make a comment on someone else’s page, but I didn’t do that just yet. I made it a goal to write everyday on my internet blog. I know that it’s important to write your thoughts down. But I don’t really know why I am doing this. I mean, I am not writing so that other people can read this. Let’s face it, not many people will read this. 

I like lang-8 because of how fun it is to read someone’s blog. It’s fun to be able to get outside one’s universe and to briefly enter into another. Imagine being able to find out what it would be like if you were born and raised in Japan. If you haven’t been to Japan then you must have your own assumptions on what it’s like to live in Japan. You imagine sushi shops, videogames, bright lights, Sony products, all the men are dressed in business suits, the women are dressed in pink dresses with white face paint, more Sony products, Japanese game shows, and Mt. Fuji. Okay, I’ll confess. This is what I think of when I think of Japan. But I’m learning Japanese. Did you know that the Japanese alpha bet is really simple? It’s compiled of 5 main vowels, A I U E O . Then the rest of the letters are like such, Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko, Sa Shi Su Se So. etc 

There are 3 types of writing the characters. 1 way is called hiragana. It’s the basic alphabet. It’s what the children first learn. There are 46 characters. 

Then there is Katakana. It’s mainly used for foreign words like computer. 

Then there is the ‘ehem’ Kanji. It’s complicated. But basically, it’s the Chinese characters that were adopted by the Japanese. There are so many letters that you’d find that some Japanese people don’t even know how to write it. It’s a bore for student’s to learn. And it’s easy to forget. Basically, it’s not practical. I’m sorry for those of you who are fluent in Kanji and proud of it. But let’s face it. It just does. Even though it looks very pretty.

Kanji is like a girl who spends hours spending time on her hair, face, and etc. Sure she looks nicer, but she’d already looks nice and has a great personality! You are going to the party soon. It’s the nice Sushi restaurant that just opened on the corner. The starry night is reflected off the Koi pond. You’re ready to go. You’re dressed nice, but it didn’t take the time it took to download a 10 minute video in the 90’s via dial up. It was short. You tell her she already looks nice, but she replies ” Just be patient. The  restaurant will still be there!” You don’t argue, but you know you must hurry. She’s done. As you drive up you find that there is no parking. You tell her to go inside and save you a spot while you find a parking spot several blocks away. You run in your suit and mess up your hair. As you regain your breath, you see your girlfriend inside, but the bouncer says that there are no more spots available. 

Bottom line. Kanji takes too long (to write/learn), but looks nice while doing it.



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