month 2 day 7

7 Feb

Scams. They are the parasites that latch onto dreams to those who are asleep. What’s worse is that they like to suck on daydreams to those who are working. 

The Event. In Florida there is a radio ad that calls itself “The Event”. They will advertise like your kids can be on the Disney Channel or some other tv show. If you show up to their building then you’ll see a large group of kids and their parents hoping that they will pass the audition. They hope that they get their chance. I’m sure that lots of these kids have taken many lessons and spent many hours practicing- while sacrificing their childhood. They finally reach the podium, but instead of singing their favorite song, they read 1 sentence. It’s an advertisement. Not even the talent Judge Simon could determine talent from 1 sentence. Then if your child is somehow picked from thousands of kids you may get the chance to spend thousands of dollars for a gig. But later you are frustrated because it’s been a month, and your lovely daughter is asking why she never got a gig, and you don’t know the answer. What’s worse is that this hurts your child’s aspirations because she thinks that after all that effort there was no reward.

Watch out for scams. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I went to a similar event, but I must not give up on my dream.


Tip of the day: You should try things out, but try them first by fire to find if it’s sincere.


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