I can hardly believe that I dropped the ball on Feb 6

6 Feb

Well, I figured that I would compensate by uploading a Bane picture that I had… wait a minute. That web browser never added my blog!!! The browser just buffered in a circle. Next time that happens I will not exit. I will make sure that it gets posted.

A tip of the day

Prepare in advance for the pop quiz. Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready.

Remember that your body is designed to serve you, and it obeys your brain. Your thoughts are like commands to your subconscious, so be intentional in what you think about. You can have whatever you want if you would just think about it, and how to get it! That is very exciting! You shouldn’t rely on any excuses. Now go chase your dream. Lasso it with a written goal ( I earn..), and pull on it with a deadline. Make sure it’s detailed and have a flexible yet stern plan. And believe like you will get it! What else is better?

I want to do more tips of the day.


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