day 29

29 Jan

Wow. I nearly forgot to type in my blog.

Well, I have been using lang-8. Lang-8 is a website for people who want to expand their language repertoire. What you do is just type in like Spanish or French, and people who are fluent in that language will correct you and give pointers on how to improve. What I like is being able to read people’s blogs that are learning English and being able to help them out, and at the same time, be able to improve your own English grammar. Anyone can join and practice 2 more languages for free. To have unlimited access, then one would simply upgrade their account.

People are coming closer together with the internet, but the one thing that still separates us is not being able to communicate with be who don’t speak our language. Sure you could use google translate, but in a live chat it would slow the stream down. The translate tool is also not perfect and anyone who has used google captions for videos will know this. Being able to type in without fear of failure is awesome. It’s like turning in your F or D homework assignment and have it become an A. You also practice communicating with foreign words on the spot. And your blog will be read.

If you like word press and you want to reach a bigger audience then you are a great candidate for Lang-8.  Enjoy !

time 2103 hours


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