day 20

20 Jan

A Tale of two teams.

UFC fighter Jon Jones has two brothers. Chandler Jones the Patriots(22) and Arthur Jones Ravens(26) and today both teams played against each other. Now which team was Jon Jones UFC rooting for? The Ravens with Arthur Jones. 

The two teams fought last year in the regional championship, but the winner was the Patriots. For an entire year this has sunk inside the skulls of the Ravens. Will they win the rematch? Nevermore quoth the critics. Despite a razor close game last week with the Broncos in Denver Colorado with a field goal kick in DOUBLE OVERTIME the odds for this match was in the Patriots favor. For the first half out of 67 games no teams have come back from behind to beat the Patriots in Foxborough. But now the 68th game gives the Patriots that 1st loss.

Now the two teams that are going to the Superbowl will be coached by well brothers. Jon and Jim Harbaugh. Imagine playing madden against your younger brother. Now imagine playing for millions of dollars and years of sweat, practice, set backs, and the list goes on. Yeah, I can’t either. But they’re using real players.  It’s like it’s from a movie script. 

The Ravens come from Baltimore. The 49ers come from San Francisco.  They duel in two weeks at New Orleans. One team walks out with their dream materialized and the other with a broken spirit. But my predicition is that Coach Harbaugh will win.


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