day 18

18 Jan

Staring down the stare down

If you don’t already know or if you do know here’s a reminder. January 19 there’s a UFC fight. Vitor Belfort fights against Michael Bisping. And it’s a must win for Michael if he still wants to fight Anderson Silva for the Middle weight title. Here’s a little background info about that potential bout. Anderson Silva is a southpaw. South paws have an advantage fighting against right handers in fights because they can attack from a different angle. causing a devastating knockout. In the movie Rocky Rocky Balboa had to practice using his left hand to defend himself properly. So it’s fighting fire with fire.  But before Michael’s hypothetical fight with the champ he must fight another left hander. And that’s where Vitor Belfort comes in. A master in Brazilian jujitsu yet a significant portion of Vitor’s fights comes from knock outs. Vitor is a southpaw and is a true test for Michael Bisping before he fights the champ.

The $50,000 dollar question is will bisping adapt to Vitor’s stance. Now Bisping seems to think so. According to this article from Bisping  explains:

“The good thing is Vitor Belfort is the perfect warm-up for Anderson Silva. He’s a southpaw, Anderson’s a southpaw, and they’re both incredible strikers. My skills against a southpaw have definitely improved a lot in this training camp. At the start of the camp I was struggling because things do change due tot he stance. But now I’m over those problems. Fingers crossed I get the business done, and then I’ve had the perfect tune-up for Anderson Silva.”

However a very recent staredown reveals something startling different.1 

As you can see the position is odd. A real south paw would go out with his left (just look at Vitor’s) Michael’s doesn’t do this. Because evidently he has not truly adapted a southpaw stance. That is what card players call a tell. What he does is gives it the wax off treatment shoving it aside. Take two same thing happens again.

Staredowns may not mean a lot to some people, but it’s like poker. It can foreshadow  what’s going to happen in the fight.


Not convinced? Let’s take a look at a different fight.

Cain vs Junior Dos Santos part 1. Take a look for yourself.

Who do you feel is more confident? Notice the way Juniors arm is left , but Cain’s abnormally reserved.


Now take a look at Junior vs Cain part 2. Juniors arm is still extended. But Cain’s weapon is too! (a fun game to play is where’s Joe Rogan) His facial expression is something else.


Of course that was just a  preamble. The weigh-in itself said something else. Vitor stays back with his fist out while Bisping demands his opponent to come to him. Provoking him with fighting words.saying what sounded like Jesus isn’t real, Vitor still remained unfazed. That’s an interesting this to say anyways because it’s actually not historically accurate. Hey even Saint Nickolas was a real person.  But I will not digress.  If Bisping can use his cardio to grind out a 5 round division then his match up with the champion will likely happen. Bisping now shouldn’t be worried about Jesus, but the reality of duke. Vitor’s duke. (…his left fist you know “put up your dukes”).


Okay mma/ boxing fans don’t normally say that sort of thing these days, but what fight fans will be saying who the winner is tomorrow. And they will see who has the dukes of hazzard.


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