day 16 What is ______ final answer.

16 Jan

Today on Jeopardy in the final round the question was something like this. What 2008 movie won both best picture and best song (which was in a different language). The first person answered, and the second said The Kings speech, and the third just leaves a ? mark. My answer was Slumdog Millionaire. And you know what? I was right. But was I on the tv show? No. No I was not.

One of my responsibilities in life is to just show up. Showing up to any challenge that is set before me for the betterment of my life is the name of the game. On top of that there is being prepared. What good is going on stage, but you’re not prepared to sing properly? Own the moment. Prepared for minutes, hours, days, weeks, years for that moment. Because once that moment passes you may never get it again.

But what if you were ready for that moment, or series of moments? The result could be from the slums to millionaire maybe better. Just show up and be prepared. What else is there?


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