Day 12 quick football shout out

12 Jan

What a really close game today. At the end of every quarter the game was tied. That’s 5 straight quarters with a tied score. It wasn’t unti the 6th that a field goal stopped the Broncos at home. My hats off to them for an exciting game.

On a different note, Ray Lewis is such an inspirational figure and future hall of famer. You could feel the intensity on his voice when he said no weapon former against this team shall prosper. He of course was making a reference to the good book. If you want a role model to look up to Ray Lewis is certainly a great starting place. Ray’s father abandoned him when he was a baby. It wasn’t until Ray was 33 years old until he shared his first father’s day with his own dad. Ray also found himself as a homicide suspect in his earlier years, but now is a totally transformed human being. What a great win for a great man.

I hope to see him in the Superbowl. This is his last hurrah and with this win today (alone) no matter what happens he will continue to remind us what time it is with such a legacy.


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