Day 8

8 Jan


Do you know that feeling when you clean your room and find something from your child hood, and you loved it? That’s called reminiscing.

In the 90s there was this movie called Balto and I’m watching it right now.

The tendency with people ,who are fans of cinema, is to watch a movie and then re-watch it again, but the second time is different than the first because you already know what is going to happen. You know each joke. What’s the fun in that? You hope to God that you’ve forgotten it, but such is life you know it too well. So you do something else. You watch it with a friend and their exposure to it helps you relive those same moments.

But there’s something else about re-watching a movie from your childhood. When you watch something as a kid you can just about remember every scene. It’s like you haven’t aged a bit and that same inner child smiles at each part. And even your older self understands the jokes more. I love it.


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