day 7

7 Jan


I found out something that was pretty obvious. Self discipline is the currency of life. You have money to buy things, but then discipline is what helps you do everything else. Do you want to be stronger? Work out. Don’t feel like it? That will cost you some self discipline.  To do things you have to decide on how much discipline you want to give to it. But you must want it. And to want it you’ve got to put the time in it. So you have to work to get self discipline to get things.

Sounds strange? Hold on for just a moment. Discipline is doing what you ought to do whether you feel like it or not. But to get discipline you need motivation. And for motivation you’ve got to think about it.

Tips for discipline:

watch other people be self discipline and admire them

remember you get better options in life when you are disciplined

raise your own standard by being uncomfortable where you are

follow all the way through never wavering

act quickly when it comes up

do the hard thing first

just do it

good food

Eating healthy long enough with exercise makes you want to refuse junk food

The above photo is deplorable and offensive to an undisciplined person

Then here’s the vicious cycle. A person eats a chip it becomes the whole bag. It feels really good. They have no regrets. Until 30 minutes later they feel down. They eat more to feel better. They feel worse. The cycle continues down the poop drain….really.

Anyways, let’s compare that to eating healthy. You eat healthy and eventually your body loves the stuff. Most of the time. You feel better and better. It’s an upward slope. And you know what else? Junk food tastes bad when you consistently workout!



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