day 6 RG3 Injury

7 Jan

rg3It’s a funny thing. The only fights that I saw Manny Pacquiao in were the ones he lost. And when that punch hit him and his body fell face first to the ground the commentators saying he’s not getting up… man that’s tough.
Today I was excited to see RG3 play and I’m not even a Redskin fan. And when the score hit 14-0 after two possessions I thought wow this is going to be a blow out. Then after the 1st quarter you’d see RG3 playing noticably slower you start thinking things.

Then there’s a low snap. His knee buckles and RG3 falls forward. He doesn’t get back up. For a moment. The Redskins lose the game and angry fans blame the coach for apparently lying that the Dr. cleared the quarterback.

I can hardly wait for next year!


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