water life’s torch

3 Jan

I went outside today to get some water. I got an empty gallon of milk and headed straight to the park. The darkness of 6 pm made walking through a simple bike path an ominous task, but I managed in my cold outfit. Eventually the path had to end eventually, and I went to the park’s faucet. Then filling up my plastic gallon jug I stared at the brave folks meandering around the quarter mile. I had to tilt the jug ever so steadily because the faucet wasn’t designed for such a thing. Without a proper funneling system I had to leave with my water half full. I walked a bit faster to get home with thoughts of gratitude for I knew that someone somewhere had to make a much more mundane walk across miles of ground forwards and backwards.

This reflection mustn’t register as a subtle superiority thankful I’m not as bad as him Aesop fable. I want to be grateful for gratefulness sake and not out of guilt. Someone could look at my life and be condescendingly grateful too, and someone else could look at them and you could find a perpetual array of people with pseudo thanks. Well, I won’t swim in that torrent. Today’s lesson is to be thankful that I could get water vs not getting water.

PS by the time I got home the water was turned on.


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