I watched Pacific Rim and I…

11 Jul

images Coming into this film I expected GIANT robots (Jaeger/hunter) vs GIANT (Kaijn) monsters. And I left satisfied. I think that when you go into a Pizza shop you expect a good pizza. And that’s what I got. When I went inside I had to look for a seat near the middle. I was pleasantly surprised because this was a good sign since I was told that there were only 49 tickets out of 200 seats taken. (Perhaps Fandango had something to do with this). I am still surprised that the theater showed it at 7 p.m. today. At 190 million dollar budget ( I quickly googled the price) I am stunned as to WHY DID THE LONE RANGER COST 250 MILLION! This doesn’t compute. And it’s refreshing to watch a “fresh” movie that’s not a reboot or continuation of a franchise.

The story. We thought Aliens would come from the sky, but it turns out that they came from a portal/barrier in the Sea. I’m still somewhat confused by their exact origin, but apparently they created massive dinosaurs, but they weren’t sustainable by the atmosphere at the time. Now they are. These Aliens scout, attack, consume, and move on from planet to planet. To combat these monsters, Humanity has made monsters to fight them (metal duel pilot monsters).

Anyways, now I will talk about the visuals. Even though it wasn’t available in 3d, I’m glad. 3d has disappointed me anyways because when the subjects move too quickly, they blur and make the image sloppy. They also just look like 2d cardboard cutouts that are either farther or slightly close away. As someone who’s finding his passion in CGI, this film is very inspiring. As for the story, it is what it is, a summer block buster film. I thought that the Man of Steel had the most devastating collateral damage, but after this film, I don’t know. While most fights happen in the Sea, the fights that affect the city are INSANE. One monster rams the giant mech through a sky scrapper leaving a HUMONGOUS HOLE that you could fit a football field through.


The man of the hour would have to be Stacker Pentecost. This man steals the show. He’s like the father figure you never knew you had, but would petition fathers day to be prolonged 365 days a year. The love in this movie reminds me that it is NOT a romance film, but an action film. For those who came into a Monsters vs Robots film, I’ll just say that it’s a slight bonus. I didn’t buy it myself, and found it odd when Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) was peeping on Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam). And thought okay sure, when she beat him in a stick match. But apparently she knows how to fight with swords in real life. There will be parts when those of you who are in a relationship will say “aw that’s cute.” And for those who aren’t, well, they’ll take their rage out by a jet propelled giant fist punches a Monster in da face!


This film is a one time watch for me, but on the big screen. The theater I attended had a Imax. But it’s basically a fake Imax with a slightly larger screen. I would have been very happy to see it in full Imax glory. A one time watch isn’t a bad thing though. I only watched the Avengers once in theaters and that was it. Yet, I will take away the “oh snaps” moments that made me feel like a young lad again. I’m satisfied by the was the Director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) has utilized his creativity on such a large scale that’s very pretty to look at. As for sequels, depending on how well this film does in theaters, the rift will be opened and pave way for a surge of more giant monster films. And by the way, Godzilla 2014 has some competition on its hands.

P.S. It’s refreshing to hear GLaDOS’s cynical voice again.


I’m about to watch Pacific Rim!

11 Jul

I just called the theaters, and they said that there are a ton of seats left. I am surprised for one because I didn’t know it was out yet and two I have been hearing great things about it. You know what? I like great stories from movies and games like Bio Shock Inifinite, Inception, My Fair Lady, Gone With the Wind, and Citizen Kane. But you know what? I want to see some mechs fight monsters on the BIG SCREEN dang it. Anyways about that phone call, apparently there are 200 seats and only 39 people bought tickets. I’ll give this movie a shot. 


Why Darkseid is an awesome Supervillian

27 Jun

Why Dark Seid is a Supervillian

He hacks his image on yahoo’s homepage!
I found this photo about a week ago, and am now putting it up. I wonder who put it up…

{By the way, no photoshop or image tampering on my part}

Who should play Lex Luthor?

26 Jun


Draft- don’t worry guys, I’ll come back to this.

Bruce Willis. Now to write on who should play Wonder Woman… okay I’ll finish the article.

Who is Lex Luthor?
Grew up poor, Became wealthy

I’ll give the pros and cons on my thesis Ben Franklin style!

Con- He’s too old mate, he’s 58.
Tell that to Samuel Jackson, who is 64, and is playing in the Avengers.

Like Ronald Regan he will not exploit the other potential casting actor’s youth and inexperience.

Pro- He’s believable.

Pro- He can bring humor to the dark franchise. What I really liked about the Joker (Dark Knight) is that he brought a lighthearteness to the table. Like you just want to watch him with your family… then he sticks a simple pencil on the table toe.

Pro- He can be very serious.

Pro- He’s experienced in action. If you want someone to go to toe with the Last Son of Krypton, the last thing you want to think at the back of your head is… this guy doesn’t belong to the crowd.

Pro- He’s bald and looks like he is Lex Luthor!

Contender 2 BILLY ZANE

I did not consider him before, but when someone pointed it out my mind was blown more than Bruce willis.


Does the Last of Us really rip off Ellen Page?

24 Jun

Back story. Ellen Page doesn’t “appreciate” her likeness being used on The Last of Us main character. Tells Reddit. Video gamers battle off and yelling insults to Ellen (Juno, Inception, Xmen, videogame Beyond Two souls). Because for starters The Last of Us is an incredibly popular game.To be fair, what she didn’t say was “Naughty Dog stole my identity. Release the Lawyers! They are the scum of the Earth.”  Now near at the start they looked identical. This is an early picture of the game.  In my opinion, I thought THAT WAS ELLEN PAGE. Which why I felt compelled to make this.




As time progress, the design changed. There’s hardly any resemblance. 


There’s no doubt, and no matter how good your game is and despite saying “any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental” is merely a line to say in order to evade legal repercussions. I’ll let you in on another secret. When you make a call to a business and they say “this call maybe recorded for quality assurance purposes.” They are recording your conversation as evidence in case of a law suit. Yet, to be fair, with so many faces out their, some really are coincidental. An episode of the SImpsons illustrates this point when Homer discovers a foreign creation called, “Mr. Sparkle.”


As for milking off of an established brand, here’s a coincidental cereal called “Frosted Fakes”. I mean “Frosted Flakes”. This method of promoting a brand has been around for a long time.



A new 21st century problem. Even though there’s no real beef between Ellen Page and Naughty Dog, this is just a glimpse into the future consequences of technology.

If designers were to use someone’s face, body, and similar voice, then they could avoid paying the actors their due. Because they are basically parasites sucking the essence off of a host. Before this wasn’t an issue with games because they weren’t as advanced.  I predict that this will be more of a problem for game in 4-5 years time when the animating process gets to be even more easily. And with virtual reality games finally taking their stride, you will see companies emulating People’s body and using them for dark sensual elements. 

Would you like it if at your school, college, or work someone photo-shopped your 17 year old sister’s face onto a nude model? And then make money for selling them to other people? This is the idea here that’s at risk for actors whose lives are based on their essence, acting skills, and faces. 


While for many people it will seem exciting for them to have a virtual date with a cgi celebrity in a virtual reality headset, the celebrities may not like the companies selling their image, ESPECIALLY IF THEY DON’T GET PAID. Coincidence? I think not.

It’s illegal to advertise and sell your product as a Nike product with just a swoosh. Even with just the words. So why not a face? Yet, intellectual ownership remains a hot topic with good arguments from both sides.

At the same time. Artists have been selling paintings and making fan art of celebrities for many years. What’s the harm? We will see. Ellen Page might not have appreciated this, but has responded decently. Others will not. Does the Last of Us rip off Ellen Page? Initially, but not anymore.  And we’ll see what happens for future cases. As for people trying to bank off of people’s reputations/ image. I predict they will probably add a small facial feature to differentiate between the two. Even though there’s an obvious connection. This would be in response to a lawsuit. In that case they will be saying “You haven’t seen the Last of Us.”

Time to fly

5 Jun

Without being too specific, it’s 1:30 a.m. right now. Graduation season is here. People are getting ready to go out and set sail to the winds of change. It’s been a while since I’ve graduated, but I am eager to catch wind. The past is over and gone. It’s now up to me to make the future worth living and dying for. This is my time to fly.

Xboxone had Xbox won or had xbox lost ?

21 May

IGN has recently reported that the stock in Sony has increased after today’s Xbox reveal. Yet after today I can see why.

Fulldisclosure: I’m an Xbox360 player since waiting in line at CostCo over night to pick one up.

In this virtual chess match, Sony has struck first not too long ago. It’s called a preemptive strike. In their pre  E3 conference they focused on video games and the developers. So, not to be outdone Microsoft makes their own pre E3 conference. That’s when this happened.

Okay, I’ll keep this short and sweet. What Xbox did well. Unlike Sony, who didn’t release the full view of the PS4, Microsoft released the new Xboxone’s new console. Found below.Image

And no that is not merely a dvd player. Why would you think that Sam?

They showed some footage of sports games and the new Call of Duty game.There’s extra rumble packs on the triggers now. No required always on. Although this is like taking a shower, it’s nice, but you don’t get brownie points for something that should have done anyways.

There’s going to be a kinect included with the Xboxone.  Illumni room has yet to be shown.There was some mention of the cloud. There is smart glass, but that wasn’t gone over too well. Overall the Xboxone is suffering through an identity crises appearing to be more of a media hub/ tv device rather than a gaming machine.

So, to add some cons. There’s no touchscreen on the controller. It appears bulkier, similar to the real Xbox1’s huge brick controllers ImageImage

There’s no sensor on the controller, or speaker. This counts as a loss because the competition includes this. Xbox will allow used games, but at a small fee. This is a big deal for gamers who want to share and save money on used games. Think of how Gamestop will be effected. There wasn’t much emphasis on games, although we were warned, this is still poor news.


As of now, Xbox has not won me over, and it’s PS for me.

Update: Now I am starting to think otherwise. Reasons are given on another article.